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Joe has been invaluable as our Health Insurer advisor and has consistently made the best recommendations for us. I think it's because he asks the necessary questions to assess ones individual needs. And he's very responsive to ongoing concerns. So glad we found him. 

Frank & Valentina N. CA

Working with Joe was a pleasure! He was very informative, professional and never "pushy". The entire experience choosing a new plan was made simple and I am very happy I worked with Joe.

Matt A. PA

Hazel V.
Clearwater, FL

Joe, I am very happy reading all the testimonies from clients you have helped, you rightly  deserve  them. Never late, I want to add my own. You came to my home 10-15 years ago, when I was looking by phone for a Health Program. It was a blessing, During these years you always took my phone calls prompt and came up with the right answer. I learned you not only know Medicare but all related health programs, I learned I could  trust you.  I concluded your goal is to give your clients the best, according to your knowledge. I appreciate and highly recommend you. Thank you.  Oscar Q. Indian Shores, Fl.


I picked out six of the names you sent, checked them out online, and picked one of them nearby that sounded good.  I want to thank you because for the last twenty years or more you have always responded immediately, either by e-mail, phone, or both, to any question I have had.  You are an efficient and nice person!

Elaine M. FL

Hello Everyone,
I have to say that I have known Joe for many years and if it wasn't for him, I would be well over paying for health care and under served as well.   He is a super person that has well taken care of me and my wife with the best insurance coverage for the least amount of money.  And he is extremely diligent.  He always goes out of his way to keep me from other insurance possibilities that are not good for me.  HE IS THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.  Call me if you have any questions...I am Joe Spadaro 813 601 6200.  I reside in Virginia and you can call me anytime for a reference.

Joe S. VA


Since I met you 13 years ago, you have been a solid source of good things. Wonderful insurance information, birthday wishes, thoughts about my Mom. I am so thankful your name was the one I was drawn to so long ago. You are a fine man. Thanks for being you.

Shelley J. Zephyrhills, FL

Hi there Joe,

Having read all the glowing testimonials many of your clients have sent you, I thought I should send  one of my own!  I hope you & your family are  well & staying free from Covid!
You helped my husband Ed & I  years ago, and what a relief to meet someone who knew how to guide us so competently into a suitable Health Care Insurance Policy.
Then some years ago,after Ed passed away in 2013., you came and helped me regroup into another Health Care company.
I am still with that Insurance Company and see no reason to go elsewhere. It seems to cover all my needs, with no monthly premiums.
I am very grateful for all your wise advice Joe, and help.
Thank you!

Hazel V.
Clearwater, FL

Joe, I am very happy reading all the testimonies from clients you have helped, you rightly  deserve  them. Never late, I want to add my own. You came to my home 10-15 years ago, when I was looking by phone for a Health Program. It was a blessing, During these years you always took my phone calls prompt and came up with the right answer. I learned you not only know Medicare but all related health programs, I learned I could  trust you.  I concluded your goal is to give your clients the best, according to your knowledge. I appreciate and highly recommend you. Thank you.  Oscar Q. Indian Shores, Fl.

Dear Mr. Egosi,

I am eternally thankful that a friend of mine told me about you and that you were legit, the real thing.  I had my doubts at first, but soon realized that you really did care about your clients.  You have done so much for me, and my family, over the years saving us money.  I no longer have to pay for anything, thanks to you and your thorough research!  Thank you, also, for answering my many, many questions I have asked you and if you did not know the answer, you told me that you would have to look it up and get back to me.  I, always, received an answer back from you, very quickly.
I recommend you to everyone I know that is looking for help with their Medicare.
You are true to your word.  I am grateful to know you.

Cheryl K.

Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my mother. Prior to coming to you, we spent over 10 hours battling with her prior coverage and another Medicare Specialist to try to get her coverage changed over from Florida to Alabama without success. You came highly recommended, so we came to you to see if you could help us. You sorted out the obstacles and were able to quickly get her approved and set up with a great plan. You did it all with such patience and kindness. 
Bless you,
From CA


Thank you for taking the time to go over the plan with me and help me with all my questions, it made the process a lot easier.

I followed your instructions and my enrollment was completed successfully.

Thanks again

Rosa T. Tampa, FL

Thanks Joe for all the help you've given me to tackle this Marketplace/Humana Affordable Health care Plan situation again, you are my hero, on suggesting what to do after trying to resolve myself, but to no avail. You're the BEST!!!!
Thanks again, Cheryl D, FL

Our experience with Joe has been one of the best we have ever encountered.  He explained everything in detail and was always patient in helping us with any questions or concerns that we had.  We HIGHLY recommend that anyone needing an insurance broker, please contact Joe and you will be happy that you did, as he will give you peace of mind, as well as  excellent information to make this important decision.
Dick and Betty P.
(New Hampshire)

Joe helped to pick the right plan for

me and made the whole process flow

smoothly and efficiently.  I am recommending

him to all my friends.  Make it easy on yourself

and go with Joe!    Dot K. CT

Dear Joe,
I was delighted to get your call that my mother was approved for Scan coverage today.  I wanted to take a moment to Thank you for your assistance through the process of selecting the right product and getting signed up.  You were very patient from the beginning, answered all my questions as they came up and I look forward to working with you in the future.
All the best,
Linda C.

Joe, I don't know how I could have survived this last coverage without your input. You are a true Agent for your customers. Always looking for ways to help us.
Mary A. B. Riverview, FL

Thanks Joe, Sure do appreciate all your help. Keep up the good work. 
Kay C. Bradenton, FL

Joe is an excellent Agent/Broker and has advised me for several years.
Merv T. Wesly Chapel, FL

Thanks for all your help, sure know what you are doing and so glad we met you. You are the best. So thank you again.
Christine G. Port Richey, FL

Joe has a human side that many in his field are lacking.
Russell G. GA

Joe changed my plan the very last day to meet my needs, thank you Joe.
Bobby W. Wildwood, FL

Joe very wisely advised me to hold on to United. He is sure an asset to the insurance industry.
Mary B. Plant City, FL

Joe is a great help. He is always available to answer questions
Sonja B. Bradenton FL

Thanks for all the info. you were able to give me. I feel a little "less stressed" about turning 65 soon!!
Sandy A. Las Vegas, NV

Joe is a good knowledgeable medicare expert!
Richard S. Largo, Florida

Welcome to Facebook, Joe! I'm so happy that more people can find you now. The best Medicare insurance agent in the country!
Judith G. Florida

You will never find one better than, Joe.
Patricia P. R. St. Pete Florida

Denis W. Florida

If there are people searching for an honest, hardworking direct Agent/Broker than stop where you are...you've found him!!! I am a New England gal transplanted in Vero Beach for 19 yrs. and when i needed advice or leadership Joe was the one I called! Happily I have recommended him to friends with glowing results. I am on F.B. too and would be happy to refer ALL my friends to Joe.
K.C. Florida

 I would say he is the best man for insurance. He is a man of his word.

Bill M.
The Villages, FL

Thank you Joe. And I have to say that you simplified the process and made it easy to understand. I was being inundated with calls from just about every insurance company imaginable and receiving mostly conflicting information. You cut through the noise and explained my options in a clear and concise manner. Thanks again.
Frank N.
Cambria Ca 

 It's been good doing business with you Joe. No fast talking and answered all my questions so i could understand easily. I'd recommend you to anybody who needs help. 
Dave P. from Kentucky.

Thank you ever so much again for making my stress level low..Wish there were more of you around.You are such a helpful, informative, non-pushy person.I wish I knew more people that need insurance, cause you would definitely be at the top of my list to recommend...

Chickie, Catskill NY



You really took a load off my mind when you came and explained all the
various medicare plans to me.  I was very impressed with your vast knowledge
of all the plans and your patience in explaining them and comparing them
for me.   I will very gladly recommend you to anyone in a second.
Thanks a bunch.
Dottie , Heritage Springs

Ellis and I agree:  You are the best of the best.  You keep us informed and give us advice as well as options.  If anyone ever asks what kind of insurance should I get, I am sending them to our friend, Joe.
Ellis $ Patricia R.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you hard work and the time you put into getting this plan for me. It was very frustrating at times but Joe never stopped working or tired from the different problems.  Thank you again Joe....
Mary S. Deltona FL

I never knew the importance of having an exceptional Insurance Agent until I met mine, Joe Egosi! When leaving an HMO I was unhappy with , Joe introduced me to United Health Care. I was going thru a tough time and every decision I made was of the utmost importance to my health then and in the futue. That was 3 yrs. ago and since that time this wonderful, caring, thoughtful man has once again pointed me in he right direction when I required financial assistance with a drug I needed to be on! Not only is he extending his busy time to me but to my husband as well..turning 65 soon. He was full of "what to do questions" for Joe and, again, he sat and listened and gave him valuable time as well as information. For me to sit down and try to convene the impact my Agent Joe has had on my family seems an impossible undertaking........but my words are true, the emotions deep and apprecation plenty. If you are lucky enough to have your paths cross, stop...look...and listen to this very wise helpful man!!
Kathleen G. C. Vero Beach, Florida.

Joe, Both Gary and I would like to thank you for coming to our home and helping us choose an insurance plan. You are very knowledgable and you made something that seemed so difficult, very simple. You were courteous, professional and arrived on time (which was much appreciated). You also followed up with a phone call. Thanks again, 

Gary and Bonnie M. Clearwater, FL

If I had to describe the service that Joe provides I would have to begin with the scope of his product knowledge.  He not only walks you through the various options available (which can seem overwhelming) but because Joe is such a professional he provides guidance that invariably brings you to the right conclusions and most of all peace of mind.   It was a pleasure working with Joe.  I would highly recommend him.     
Helen W. New York   

Finally---someone who really understands not only the Medicare programs, but the needs of his clients. I would recommend Joe to anyone who is either enrolling in Medicare for the first time(me) or someone looking to make a change in their program. I have been in insurance for 40+ years in property/casualty and it is great to find someone with the knowledge on the life/health side.
Mark W, Clearwater Fl

I was introduced to Joe by a testimonial that was given at an artists meeting 6+ years ago.  My husband and I are now under the excellent care of a very professional, dedicated, informed, honest and service minded representative.   Joe makes you feel very comfortable in his presence without any high pressure tactics.  He respects you, gives you the facts and allows you to make your decision.  That decision is quite easy when your agent answers ALL your questions with knowledgeable facts and he is there whenever you need him.  We feel very secure under his guidance.  Thank you Joe Egosi.
Charles and Patricia G.  - Tarpon Springs, Fl.

 I live in Northern California and have few options for Medicare insurance. Joe was very helpful and walked me through the process. It would have been a real pain had I not had him to guide me. Thanks Joe.
Lynda C. Alameda CA

Joe is always as close as a phone call, or email.  He is always willing to help us find the best insurance for our needs.  I highly recommend Joe.  I consider him a friend.

Sonja B. 

Bradenton, FL

We have worked with Joe for several years and are proud to say that the professional, knowledgeable and responsiveness are the best we have ever received for the services that Joe provides. We can heartily recommend him for your insurance needs.


Merv and Doris, Wesley Chapel, FL

Don't remember how you found me but I am so happy that you did. You promptly return emails and phone calls and there is no push 1 or 2 or 3 and so on, we speak directly to you and you are very helpful and answer all questions.

Gennelle V, Englewood FL

Dear Joe, You have always responded to my questions about my insurance. I believe that you have provided me with the opportunity to get the most for my money. Thanks again,

Robert & Kay C. Bradenton FL

We have referred many People to Joe Egosi and we have received many Happy Responses from these referrals.

 He is knowledgeable, courteous and responsive to our needs.

 Jerry & Carol B., Bradenton, FL

I have found Joe to be extremely helpful when I was trying to decide what type of insurance I needed when I retired. He did some research for me which I found very helpful. He’s willing to go the extra mile, and for that reason I’ve had no trouble recommending him to others who also needed help with their insurance needs.

Vickie H. Plant city, FL

I have had Joe's expertise for many years since moving to Florida. I'm not sure how we first got connected though. I have had many different Medicare HMO's during this time but they didn't address all my needs. Recently, Joe found me a plan that answered all my needs. I am on a fixed income and need all the help I can get. This plan pays me back my monthly SS medical deduction plus, I don't have to pay for my med's or doctor's visits.

Whenever I am at Wal-Mart’s pharmacy I brag about my medical plan and all its benefits and mention how they can get this program and if I'm lucky enough to have one of Joe's business cards I give it to them. Why shouldn't other people reap the benefits of Joe's knowledge?

Aileen D. Oldsmar, FL

I'm very glad that after one phone call, you knew exactly what I needed without even coming over to my home and going through all of the plans with me. With your expertise, it was easiest for me, and I was confident that you would guide me in the right direction. It was so efficiently done that I didn't have to agonize over which plan to choose. The paperwork was easily completed, and your manner was professional and outstanding. Thank you again for helping me resolve this problem.

Wendy B. New Port Richey, FL

Mr. Egosi is a true professional. To have him on your side is a great benefit. He is knowledgeable about all his products and will work with you to make the best choices for you and your family. I have found in him a trusted friend and advocate.

Richard G. The Villages, FL

When I switched from Original Medicare with supplemental insurance to a Medicare Advantage Plan several years ago, I was fortunate to contact Joe Egosi who went out of his way to explain the benefits of several different plans and he took the time to participate in the enrollment process. Joe has always been there to answer any questions and to provide support when needed. I have referred Joe to several acquaintances and will continue to do so in the future.

Van C. Indian Rocks Beach, FL

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and to acknowledge your dedication to your clients.
You take care of your clients as if they were close family members.
You are never too busy to take the call, or to return calls, to search for the best plane for us, taking into consideration what is the one which is best for us from many points of view: medication, doctors, referrals, and price!
Your service can be a model to copy by other agents.

Thank you again and best regards,

Dr. Rachel and David L. Miami, FL

Joe Egosi is a friendly and courteous insurance agent. He was prompt and respectful regarding my insurance needs.

Lois M. Riverview, FL

My wife and I have been clients of Mr. Egosi for almost three years we find him to be most knowledgeable and more than eager to help with any inquiries we may have.

John & Sandra T.  Port Richey, FL

Joe Egosi is the best thing since sliced bread exceptionally helpful of any question you might have. He is honest and truthful and dose not push you into something you might not really need has your best interest at heart. To help you get it. Anyone needs Health or Life Insurance this is the Guy you need to get it. I originally from the UK so did not understand the system here very well but Joe was so helpful you would not believe.

Christine Elizabeth, Port Richie, FL

I am very happy with your services and my health insurance. And when I have no time to check the plans available, I just call you! Always quick and easy.

And I cannot thank you enough for every time you were there for me.

T H A N K Y O U! ! !

Olga M. D. Clearwater, FL

I was told by many seniors that it wasn't necessary to use an agent for supplemental health insurance for Medicare. You just have to submit your paperwork and magically, bills get paid. Well sometimes bills don't get paid, and it's a comfort to know that help is just a phone call or an email away. Joe Egosi works hard at keeping the lines of communication open. I may never need his intervention, but it is reassuring to know that if I need him, I know he'll be there.

Martin J. W. Lithia, Florida

Thanks Joe for the opportunity to express my gratitude for your help in managing my insurance, I appreciate it very much.

Ed C. Zephyrhills, FL

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy viewing your website. The unique information provided, the beauty of many sights and sounds. The enjoyment of a good laugh!


Jerry and Johanna, Seminole, FL

After being downsized from my job at age 67 I was worried about signing up for the "right" Medicare program. Joe made it so easy. I am with a PPO plan offered by Joe, it works great for me. I even get a free membership to the "YMCA" through Silver Sneakers.

Suzanne K. Largo, FL

I am happy to say that Joe has always responded knowledgeably and timely with answers to any insurance questions. He is just a phone call or email away and delivers real customer service. Thanks, Joe.

Patricia S. North Port, FL

New to retirement and Medicare, like many people I was confused by what I had read and afraid to make any decisions. My neighbors suggested that I talk with Joe Egosi and 2 years later, I can say how grateful I am to them for that.

Joe guided me through all the plans available including the precise cost for each and with his help we came up with the perfect plan for my individual healthcare needs. He was even able to do the same for my friend who lives 1000 miles away!

Since that time, Joe and I have had several conversations concerning other insurance

coverage and each time he has answered all my questions very quickly, in a concise

and comprehensible manner.

Marcia M. Clearwater, Florida

Last year, 2010, my wife and I had standard Medicare with a supplement from AARP and a separate part D prescription plan. We were paying over $4,600 per year in premiums plus Medicare Part B for the two of us. I got a letter from our providers stating an increase in next year’s premium amounts. I decided to look at alternates. I had previously investigated Medicare Complete HMO & PPO in our area but most of our doctor’s were not included in their plans. That morning, I went on the Internet in search of new plans. I found a couple plans that might meet our needs and requested additional information. Assuming that they would mail me the information, I was very surprised to get a call from Joe that very afternoon. He introduced himself and asked what we were looking for. I said our goal would be to keep our current doctors and reduce our health care costs. Joe explained availability other supplement plans, HMO plans, and PPO plans in our area. Joe found a PPO plan that included seven of our eight doctors. Joe sent us the detailed information of the plan for our review. After reviewing the information, we applied and were accepted in the PPO plan Joe has recommended. We couldn’t be happier with Joe’s service and follow up. Even after paying the additional co-pays, we are forecasting a saving of over $4000 in premiums and prescription benefits this year. Let Joe take a look at your current health plan and see if he can help. We are definitely glad we did. Sincerely,

Pat & Janet, Ocala, FL

Joe, Not only do I get great information but you have sent many extra smiles.

Thanks, Buddy B. FL

Joe is from the old school.....Knows what good customer service is and takes care of the customer. Told me that if I ever had a problem with my insurance to call him and he would call the company and take care of the issue for me. He is a phone call away to answer questions about coverage, co-pays etc. Best agent (of any kind) that I have ever had and I have never met him in person.

David H. North Port, FL

Hi Joe I just took a look at the site you sent. I found it really easy to understand, With the phone number at the top I felt reassured if I needed help I would get it..

I must say you have been a great help to both Len and I in the past.

June R. Indian Rocks Beach, FL

We are so impressed with Joe. He handled our needs quickly and answered our questions fully. We have given his name to our friends and family for fast friendly service.


Susan and Fred E. Clearwater, FL

Joe Egosi has been very helpful to me and to my husband. If you have a question or an issue just email or call him and he gets back to you in minutes. Always there to help. In all of my years I have never had service like that. He keeps in touch and even makes me laugh. He is a pleasant very kind gentleman. Thanks Joe.

Patricia and Ellis R. St. Pete, FL

I can only say that Joe was as honest and forthright with my wife and I, presenting the various policies he had to offer. He offered suggestions, as to which may work better - in our case - but never tried to push any certain product. We have been very happy with our choice, but Joe always checks in with us to make sure we are comfortable in our choice. We may just hold on to him until we go to the happy hunting ground!!!

Denny and Sue W. Sun City Center, FL

Dear Joe:

I am happy to add my thanks for all of your help with our health insurance problems. I found you very easy to talk with, and that you understood immediately what problems we were facing.
Those of us who have worked with you are lucky to have found you among all the "not so nice" consultants. Thanks again.
Ruth and William C. Bradenton, Florida

Mr. Egosi has provided our family quality professional health service recommendations, showed personal consideration for our families' circumstances and provided affordable coverage for our needs. His services extended past the "point of sell" and we are most appreciative of this personal attention to our questions and problems.

Wanda and William Beasley, Largo, FL

We met with Joe to discuss insurance coverage thru Medicare. There were several things about Joe, which impressed us. He arrived on time, with the information we needed, a professional in every sense. He was prepared and since has been easy to reach, with informed follow up. Our association has been one we appreciate.

Jan and Lou T. Guatemala


I have been real happy with the help/service you have provided me, over the last two years.

Terry T. The villages, FL

I have dealt with a lot of agents as far as insurance, but this is the first time I have found someone that I gladly recommend to others. You are always responsive to my questions and keep me informed which I really appreciate.

Priscilla B. St. Pete, FL

Dear Mr. Egosi:

Just a quick note to tell you how very pleased we are with having you as our insurance agent. You have kept us informed and up-to-date with all of our insurance needs as well as making us feel as though you are a caring friend as well. Thank you!


Caroline H. Oldsmar, FL

Not only is Mr. Egosi a terrific representative, but he keeps in constant contact with "his people" in little ways. I'm always informed.

Bonnie E. Tampa, FL

When I first spoke with u in 2009, I gave u what I wanted in a plan & u suggested AARP Medicare Complete. The doctors, care centers, r all very helpful & caring. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you
Roberta Z. St. Petersburg, FL

I have found Joe to be up to date with information available, willing to answer all pertinent questions and to top it off, he is, genuinely, just a very nice guy......


Charles "Chuck" J. Clearwater, FL

Dear Mr. Egosi,

Thank you for your kind assistance helping me find the insurance program that works best for me. Your explanation of benefits and explanation of the computer program has certainly leaded me in the right direction in caring for my health.

Helena F. Clearwater, FL

Joe Egosi has always been there for me He finds an answer for me when I have a problem.
I would highly recommend Joe and his expertise to anyone looking for insurance.

Mary Alice B. Riverview, FL

When I was preparing to retire from my government job, I was at a total loss as what to do or where to go for medical insurance. The county insurance was totally out of my reach, financially. I was beginning to think that I would have to try to muddle through without co-pay.

Then along comes Joe Egosi. I was fortunate enough to discover him while searching insurance websites. He called me immediately and introduced himself. He then researched my options and found co-insurance for my Medicare...at a cost I could easily afford...I couldn't believe it!

Joe has been right there, every step of the way since I retired. He keeps me posted on any new options and changes. He responds immediately if I have any questions.

Joe is so great to deal with -- no voice mails or recordings with him. He goes the extra mile to provide up-to-date and accurate answers and advice.

Judith G. Sebring FL

Dear Joe,

Thank you so very much for always being available for even the most insignificant question. You always make me feel as if I am your only client and that you have all day to address my concerns. There are very few these days that understand what customer service means and you are a shining example for us all. Thanks again for being there when we need you.

Barbara H. Tarpon Springs, FL

At all times, I have found Joe Egosi to be dependable (always returns emails and phone calls in good time) reliable, conscientious, honest and always courteous in helping me in all our business dealings.

I would highly recommend Joe as your agent of choice for annuities, health insurance and life insurance.... he looks out for your needs!!

Kathi B. Clearwater FL

Joe Egosi is the most honest insurance agent I have ever met. Five years ago, I met with Joe and his recommendation for a Medicare Supplement has been an excellent recommendation. He is always available to answer my questions, and he does it promptly. After my wife retired, she also followed Joe's advice. He has helped many of my friends and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Thomas B. Clearwater, FL

Three words can describe Mr. Egosi: professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

Mayra E. V. PhD. Miami, FL

I was referred to Joe by some close friends who told me he is THE BEST at doing all the tedious insurance business and-HE WAS AND IS! He did all the paperwork for me, answered my calls immediately if and when I left a message and even got my Medical insurance people on the phone in a 3 way call to expedite things. I have never had such an experience with anyone else. If you want excellent, informative help, call Joe Egosi!
Gina D. St. Petersburg, FL

Last year i needed insurance I called Joe he recommended the supplement insurance I have now. It has been very good for me. Joe is very helpful and will answer all your questions when you call him.  I recommend Joe and his insurance and advise  

Cuyler P. in GA.

Mr. Egosi:

I want to thank you for all your help in getting Angelita her prescription coverage. We had been going around and around with all other providers and you make it come thru without much effort.

Kudos to you sir.


Sergio Bayze. Tucson AZ

Dear Mr. Egosi,

It was more than one year and a half since we have business relations. Following your advice we had taken and still enjoy the best health insurance on the market for the people like us.

And in addition -, I want to remember you,- the fact that along this period of time we had had your great advices for us every time we asked for, and your advices were every time correct.

For all this, dear sir, accept our gratitude.

Eugenie and Sherman S. Charlotte, NC

I have had the privilege of working with Joe Egosi for the past two years. He has kept me updated and well informed concerning all of my health insurance needs. Joe has been very professional and a model personal service representative. I appreciate all the help he has given me.

Thank you,

Sandra R. Walnut Ridge, AR

Joe is simply the best, bar none.

Jeffrey R. NY, NY

Joe Egosi is the most amazing insurance counselor I have ever known. Initially, Joe carefully explained my insurance policy in a thoughtful, easy-to-understand way that made me very comfortable. When I needed help sorting out providers and benefits, Joe was easily accessible -- even made long distance calls for me to get answers on coverage and checked back with me on a consistent basis. Joe's kindness and expertise sets him far above any ordinary representative. Thanks, Joe. God bless.

Cara G. Riverview FL

Dear Joe,

While we have never met personally I feel like we are good friends. Your help with getting my health policy transferred and switched during my relocation to Florida has been a tremendous help and convenience for me. Thank you so much and I appreciate your updates and antidotes too.

Pete A. In SC

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say how happy I was with your response to my inquiry regarding Medicare supplemental insurance plans. Your assistance in choosing the right plan for me in California surpassed even the local agencies. I would recommend you to anyone considering entry into the Medicare system regardless of what state in which you reside.

Regards ,

Bill LF, Los Osos CA